Oreo Eyeballs

This is one of my favorite Halloween party foods! There are tons of ways to decorate these, but my favorite is to make them look like eyeballs. I've also seen them done like mummies & this recipe adapted for Valentine's Day using a small heart shaped cookie cutter to shape the mixture before freezing. My recipe take uses lower fat ingredients, and I can promise you, no one misses the extra calories when they are at party! Happy Haunting!

Eyes with green cherry iris' and red icing veins

Creepy eyeball scene with chocolate chip iris'

1 - "Regular" Size Package Reduced Fat Oreo Cookies (entire cookie, cream and all)
1 - 8oz. package low fat Philadelphia cream cheese, softened
Almond or White Chocolate Bark, I prefer Almond Bark.
Decorations, you can use any of the following: chocolate chips (iris), red or green pipe icing (veins), colored candy pieces (iris), etc.

1. Crush cookies to a fine consistency in a food processor. Two batches works best.
2.  Pour crumbs into a mixing bowl.
3. Add softened cream cheese to the crumbs and begin combining. Smashing the cream cheese with a large flat spoon or spatula, or you can get really into it and combine by hand for the best results.
4. Roll mixture into 3/4'' - 1'' balls, depending on your preference. Place on cookie sheet lined with wax or parchment paper.
5. Place balls in the freezer for at least 20 minutes until hardened. This makes it MUCH easier when dipping in the melted bark. You can also prepare these ahead of time and freeze them overnight. Cover lightly with plastic wrap if you plan on keeping them in overnight.
6. Prepare bark for dipping. Use or create a double boiler* over very low heat. Add a small amount of bark, about 1/2 - 3/4 cup to begin with. Stir lightly with a wooden spoon** as it begins to melt.
7. Once completely melted begin dipping balls into the mixture. Work in small batches, taking about 15 out of the freezer at a time. Use a small plastic spoon and/or kebab stick for easy dipping.***
8. Once the balls have been dipped place on a wax paper lined tray to dry. Now is a good time to press a small candy into the center, if desired.
9. Let cool completely until shell is hardened.
10. Keep working in batches until complete.
11. Keep refrigerated until ready to serve.

* Creating a double boiler: Simply use a glass bowl that fits right in or slightly above your pan. Fill the bottom with about 1/2'' water and simmer lightly. The water should never touch the glass bowl. When in doubt, keep the heat lower than hotter.
** Do NOT stir bark with a metal spoon, it effects the heat differently
*** There are also special candy dipping devices you can purchase at specialty shops.


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