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Welcome to Pittsburgh!

Well, here we are! One full week into the next chapter of our lives. Brad and I have been pretty busy this last week getting accustomed to the Pittsburgh area, and enjoying each other's company before Brad is off to work. Here is a little bit about what we have been up to, and pictures to share:

We arrived on October 7th, and made the "almost famous" stop at Primanti Bros in the Strip District in downtown Pittsburgh. We experienced the restaurant that has been on Food Network, and that so many people talk about. I must say, it was quite interesting! Every sandwich come with coleslaw and French Fries IN BETWEEN the bread and meat! Right, like I said, interesting!

Next we were off to the North suburbs to find the area that would soon become our new "bubble", Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania. We are currently staying in a nice townhouse that has a great view of the West hills at the edge of town! We sure caught the trees at just the right time. Over the weekend we …