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Awesome Christmas Gifts that are Affordable - Foodies, Chef, Griller, Wino Influence, Plus Some Other Ideas

Hello All,
We've all seen those lists of great gifts, many of which have items with $100+ price tags. My list features gifts you can actually afford to buy, many with a food or wine influence, and some stocking stuffers. I hope this lists helps take some wondering out of shopping. I'm a HUGE fan of - specifically Prime. Most of these items can be found there. Happy Shopping! There are only a few $100+ items. Scroll towards the bottom for NON-FOOD gifts. I'll continue adding to the list...
Stainless Steel Citrus Fruit Squeezer - This will last. We've broken 2 other brands  prior to this, and wanted real quality that will last. Exceeded our expectations! 

Vinomaster Red Wine Aerating Pourer - YES!

Digital Cooking Thermometer  - This is the BEST thermometer out there. Exact! 

Metallic Wine Glass Pens - Great for wine glasses, casserole dishes, and more. 

Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser - My husband gave me this last year and let me tell you - I was blown away!…