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Faux Mercury Glass Candlesticks

Just finished these cool candlestick vases! Pretty excited about how they turned out. The whole project cost under $5! As you can see, I used some old glass jars and one old round vase. The two glass candlesticks were Goodwill finds, and I applied the faux mercury glass technique to all the glass pieces, including the candlesticks. I used glass glue to attach the jars to the candlesticks, which worked great. I took a ton of pictures of the process, and will soon have a tutorial on the mercury glass technique. Once you get the hang of it, it's addictive. I ran out of glass to paint ; (

See my Faux Mercury Glass Tutorial  -------> here.   <------- font="" link="" nbsp="" to="" tutorial.="">

4th of July Wreaths

Made these with extra fabric (still) left over from our wedding! I found the wire trim at the dollar store and Hobby Lobby. Happy 4th to everyone!



4th of July Centerpiece

This was a quick and fun 4th of July decoration! I think it turned out pretty nicely. I filled the vase with 3 colors of water beads, as you can see. Each layer is separated with a thin piece of plastic wrap so the colors don't fade together. Wrap the floral stem bases with plastic wrap as well so the tiny exposed metal part doesn't create rust in the beads. Yes, I've had this happen and the package of water beads recommends wrapping the stems. Simply follow the steps on the water beads. I waited overnight so the beads were as full of water as possible.

DIY Gel Nails - Ombré Color

Just finished my at home Gelish manicure. Totally in love with this new take on painted nails. This was pretty easy to do, too. I had looked up a few "how-to" videos on YouTube to see how people were doing this technique. Although, I never found a perfect one it gave me a great idea how to start. The best tip was to use a triangular makeup sponge. I didn't use it has directed in the video since I was using Gelish. However, I used the makeup sponge to blend the ombre effect across my nails. I've provided a simple how to below. I would also recommend checking out a few YouTube videos, as you might get inspired for a look all your own. Before starting my nails I did a test run on a piece of clear plastic to see how to blend best and how the color effects would play together.

Side tips/ notes: I've been doing my own at home Gelish nails now for almost 2 years, about every 2 weeks, sometimes more consistently than others. I recently got a new UV light which I am tota…

Texas Flag - DIY

I think this post should really be called, "See, I told you I'd make something cool with that wood." My husband always laughs because I love repurposing and holding onto things. Ok, I admit, I don't always have a project in mind, but I'm in no way a hoarder. So, we had all these extra boards that were removed from small crates after our move. I'd seen dozens of great ideas on Pinterest for reclaimed wood projects, so I couldn't let these go. I was inspired by giant Texas flags everywhere, as well as all the crackle paint tutorials. I followed the simple steps on the tutorials and created a one-of-a-kind distressed Texas flag for our back patio! I was totally in luck as I had 6 boards and when put together were the exact dimensions of the Texas flag! YES! For exact proportions of the flag, follow this guide: Flag Proportions

Finally, Pinterest in Action!

Project 1: Goodwill Mirror Re-vamp

I've been super inspired the last week trying to get our house looking like a home. So much to do and so many projects filling my brain.  I couldn't take it anymore - it's project time!!! Here are a few before and after pictures. 

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