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This is my go-to, crowd pleaser, always delicious, favorite drink! It is easy to prepare, and best of all, is prepared ahead of time, and gets better as it "brews". You don't need to spend a lot of money on the wine for this recipe, a simple table wine is best.

The following recipe is for a large batch, which would make about 24 8oz. servings. If you'd like to make a smaller or larger batch, simply reduce or increase as desired. I've done it many ways and it always turns out great! I always eyeball my liquor quantities, so the below measures are approximate.

- 4L Red wine, such as Chianti or Burgundy. I generally use Carlo Rossi Chianti
- 12 - 16 oz.  Triple Sec
- 12 - 16 oz. Brandy
- 2 liter of Sprite, Sprite Zero, 7Up, etc. Use about 1/2 to 3/4 bottle depending on strong you'd like it.
- 1 apple, cored, and chopped into bite sized pieces
- 1 orange, peeled, sliced into bite sized pieces
- 1 8oz. jar Maraschino cherries, with juice
- 1 1…