Maleficent Costume DIY & Glowing Staff Tutorial

Maleficent Costume DIY- Here are many pics of the Maleficent costume I made for Halloween! I must say, it's been one of my favorite costumes I've ever worn and made - that is after it was done. I drafted all the patterns, only using a basic skirt and turtleneck pattern to start with. Everything is an original design. Pics posted to inspire you to create a Maleficent costume all of your own! Happy Haunting! 

Bodice & "cape" like sleeves are all 1 unit. The turtleneck bodice is built kind of like a dickie, it just velcro's closed in the center back, since it doesn't stretch. It's concealed by the feather / collar shawl. Detailed picture of my staff. Spray paint stick black, wrapped with cool trim I had on hand (hot glue) and then the top is covered with tons of feathers. It was glowing, but hard to tell in any pics.

Large clear Christmas ornament that I painted cool, and then put glow stick inside of. See bottom of pictures for more detailed photos & how to construct! 

I did purchase the beaded corset, I'm not that crazy.

Fabrics from - (Top to bottom) Stretch black velvet for collar, 2 layer organza and green skin colored shiny tulle like fabric, black semi sheer organza for flame sleeve "cape" with 2-tone magenta purple organza, black faux leather embossed black fabric for 8 gusset skirt. 

The purple fabric note- gussets on skirt are 2 layer, which I was able to clean finish, however the "cape" part was such a large project, I had to zigzag the double layer edges and trim fraying parts. I do NOT recommend trying to use fray check. It was a disaster. I just accepted there will be tiny threads. It was not worth the energy to make these perfect on top of the 40+ hrs I had in this project. 

I did get asked to take A LOT of pictures on Halloween! So much fun.

Fake eyelashes a must

Contacts really made this look complete. Ordered them from Makeup from Products I used are: MagentaKryolan Green Aquacolor (non rub off a must!) a basic non-smear white that I blended with the green to try and lighten areas up. 

I followed this makeup tutorial which is awesome! 

This was from my practice run - color not as even as I wanted it. Definitely do a practice run!!

Trust me, while doing the makeup it looks super intense. Once you put the fake eyelashes on, contacts in - and of course, the horns, it comes to life! This is the dry run.  I would also sub in LipSense Blu-Red Lipstick now (I sell and wear LipSense, LOVE IT!)

Used the top of a pool noodle to hold the ornament. I cut more of the center out so the base of the ornament could fit into here. You want a slightly loose fit if you want the crystal ball to be removable.

Purchased at Hobby Lobby. Plastic, not glass.

I use this 3M Dual Lock Low Profile Reclosable Fastener for a lot of projects. I had it, and it worked awesome because of how thin it is. Other Velcro would work too, I'm sure. The base of the bulb (and prongs) stay in the noodle while the bulb comes off. For our party & Halloween night I just dropped in a few short glow sticks. 

Ball is removable with the fastener. 

Hope you enjoyed my pics & got some inspiration!

~ Maleficent


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