Monster Mash Quinoa

Whoa! I just made this by accident! This is a recipe I make frequently, but I usually use regular quinoa and not black quinoa.... so it looks normal. As I was mixing in the edamame a light bulb went off! Monster Mash Quinoa was just born. Perfect for fall festiveness, indeed. It looks pretty creepy I must say, but it tastes good & is good for you!

Monster Mash Quinoa

- Quinoa (Black for the Monster Mash version)
- Vegetable base such as Better than Bouillon
- 1 cup edamame, pre-shelled & thawed
- 1/3 cup sliced sun dried tomatoes, with olive oil
- 1 T garlic powder
- 1/2 tsp pepper
-  dash of salt as needed

Prepare quinoa according to package directions, and additionally adding vegetable base (follow directions for the amount of water you are using). Once quinoa is done cooking add edamame and sun dried tomatoes with oil. Season as desired. Serve and spook!


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