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Inspired by Le Fou Frog

Last night Brad and I had the pleasure of joining the Stein's for dinner at Le Fou Frog in the City Market. Absolutely the best meal we have eaten in Kansas City, hands down! Seriously, check it out. Not a mexican priced dinner by any means, but totally worth the Benjamin's. 5 courses, champagne, wine and port (decision on that following). A 3 1/2 hour dinner, full of excitement, delicious flavors and laughter. This was a night we will always remember!!!!!

1st course - cleansing dish: totally interesting bit of chicken liver something w/ a pickle inside. Weird.
2nd course - appetizers and bread. We shared escargot, cheese, and shrimp gruyere pastry puff
3rd course - soup/ salad: lobster bisque for me, manhattan clam chowder for Brad and a bite of our friends warm fig and goat cheese salad.
4th course - entre: Brad had rack of lamb, seasoned with fresh herbs, horseradish and mustard with a side of ratatouille. I had Branzini on a bed of crab and goat cheese risotto (amazing!). Als…