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20 Minute Wreath

Quickest, wreath anyone could ever make! Straw wrapped wreath frame from Michael's wrapped with 4'' wide strips of patriotic fabric. $1 flowers and voila!

Note: I left the plastic wrap on the wreath so straw didn't go everywhere. Hot glue works wonders!


We are both absolutely amazed at how easy, and affordable this project was, not to mention how nicely it turned out! Before, during and after...

Outside Improvements by Brad

Brad has been more than eager to "play in his yard" and improve the back yard space. It has really been transformed in just 3 short weeks. We could have never prepped for the hot tub without some help from our great, and willing neighbors. I have never seen an area transform so fast. The stones for the hot tub were unloaded, placed, poured and leveled within 15 min! Gotta love that! The next project was creating a patio....

Moving Into Our New House!!

After 7 long months of waiting, our new house is finally finished! Sharing some pics of packing and moving in! Needless to say, I had a very curious helper named 'Tino!