Halloween is hands down, my favorite holiday. Making costumes, spooky food and drinks and of course, and all sorts of decorations inside and out! I wanted to share a few ideas I had, to help inspire others. Additionally, most of my projects were done at a reasonable budget & can be saved for many years. Below, I am showcasing my mantle project I finished yesterday...well, that is unless I decide to put fake spiderwebs up, which I may. Also, an inexpensive, but creepy "vampire blood" or "venom" how to.

Being creative is the only way to go to decorate for Halloween. You can make ordinary objects creepy in minutes, and turn old junk into new treasures. Here are three "finds" from Goodwill and how I transformed them:

Candle Holders - Before: 99 Cents Each

Candle Holder - After: 

Using just 1/4 can of Flat Black Krylon, these were totally transformed. I actually kind of think the top design looks like a tombstone now! I may drip some red "blood" on the candles, too. I also totally get why people use Krylon and not the cheaper forms of spray paint now. Sold!!! The quality is SO much better!

Vintage Tea Pot: $1.60. 20% Discount since it was broken & all taped together. 

This thing has to be worth some money, it has tons of Sterling Silver on it! 

Purple Potion Brewer - After: 

Purple Potion a brewin'

This was super simple to clean up. My husband is in the works of fixing the top handle part. It seems the glass has expanded or the sterling has contracted over time. Potion jar is filled with floral balls that you soak in water to make them expand, $1 at Walmart.

Miscellaneous Picture Frames: 99 cents - $1.99. 

After: 11"x17'' computer print of The Wolfman framed:

Mantle Display:

Ignore the fallen sash, our little black cat couldn't get enough of jumping at the center...

Detailed Portions:

1) Lantern - Goodwill find, 99 cents! Added my own candle.
2) Box elevated in back - simple cardboard box with Krylon draped in "Creepy Cloth" from Dollar Tree.
3) Another framed picture, 99 cent frame and matte from Goodwill

1) Cheese dome, turned skull saver, $1.99 at Goodwill, with 97 cent Walmart skull.
2) Ivory candle stick 99 cents - Goodwill  

Pretty awesome!

Some type of "swamp potion" in my book....Goodwill $1.49. Ohhh and the creepy Wolfman!

Vampire Blood & Venom Bottles:
This is an inexpensive and spooky way to use cool looking old jugs and bottles.  I'm in the process of making more...

Inexpensive jug filled with "blood"

Empty bottle filled with "venom"

How To & Materials:
- Light Corn Syrup, $2.12 for 36 oz at Walmart
- Wilton Food coloring - Walmart, under $2.50
- Mixing container
- Plastic wrap
- Wire whisk
- Funnel
- Black tape or original lid
- Empty "spooky" jars
- Water - optional*

Pour desired amount of corn syrup into a mixing container, preferably one with a pour spout, such as a pitcher. Add food coloring -1/2 teaspoon (approximately, you do not need to measure) to the syrup and begin whisking away until color is well blended. Add more if desired. For the "blood" I like to use a lot of coloring so it looks more realistic. *You can thin the corn syrup with a small amount of water if desired, but I will tell you, it does not look nearly as good as if you just use corn syrup. However, to "stretch" the syrup cost, you may choose to add water, which I have done in the past. I've added more syrup to both of my jugs this year. The red one probably has 2 1/2 bottles of corn syrup in it.

Happy Haunting!! 


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