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Rhinestone Monogram LOVE!

So, I've literally wanted to make something like this nearly my entire life! I was inspired by a 60's vintage jewelry Christmas tree artwork that my great aunt had hanging in her house. I remember seeing it there for the first time when I was 3, and later on at other relatives homes over the years. I always LOVED it and knew one day, I would have something like it, and maybe even better.  The day finally came, all my waiting, saving, brainstorming and ideas came together like "the perfect storm"! Here it is!!!

This "F" seriously makes me happy, just looking at it, and seeing in one instant so much. So many people, memories, and moments are all captured on this piece. I've saved so much jewelry over the years and finally rationalized with myself, and said, "this IS what I've been saving it for."

Now, let me tell you a little bit about why the details are so great.... About half of the jewelry on here has a special memory behind it. I've…