Halloween DIY: Part 2 - Books, Food and Decor

Finally getting a chance to post pictures from projects over the last few weeks. Hope you find some inspiration behind these ideas. Happy Haunting! 

I've included materials and steps for re-creating spooky spell books like these. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating one of these books. I started by looking through my craft box for items of interest: small textured components such as flat wood pieces, rope/trim, ribbon, rhinestones, etc. These can be made very inexpensively - it just takes some creative thinking. Materials and directions are listed below. 

Used: plastic bat, 1/4'' wide cording, 2 gold thumbtacks 


- Old Books (Phone books, dish detergent box or books found at Goodwill or Garage sales).

- Paper towels 

- DIY "Modge Podge" - See below

- Paint brushes, 2-3 sizes

- Spooky findings for texture & detail (cording, plastic creatures, tacks, rhinestones, etc.)

- Hot glue 

- Paint colors of choice

- 3D lettering, optional 

DIY Modge Podge: Pour 1 bottle of glue into an airtight container such as an empty jar. Fill empty glue bottle 60-70% full of warm water. Shake well. Pour water into glue and mix well to combine. Voila! MUCH cheaper than Modge Podge, and it does the same thing!! Yes, I promise! 

How To:

1. If you want painted pages, this needs to be your first step. I only painted the edges of 1 of my books.  Spray paint or hand painting will work. Let dry before proceeding below.

2. Add textured elements to book. Use hot glue to adhere items and/ or create 3D words or designs. 

3. Prepare work area, lay down newspaper or a paper bag.  Dampen a paper towel. Squeezed together tightly, and then open gently. Put a light coat of modge podge down on the front and spine of book.  Place towel on the book, edges should meet evenly, or towel can overlap to inside with a 1/2'' - 3/4'' border.

4. Lightly use your fingers to crinkle the towel up in certain areas, and to fold into the textures and begin brushing with the modge podge. Use a smaller brush to push the towel into the cracks, where necessary. If you've added rhinestones, gently scratch a hole over the rhinestone and push the towel down around to expose it. 

5. Rotate book as needed to cover. Depending on the book you may or may not be able to cover the back at the same time. 

6. Wait patiently while the book dries. This is really hard!! 

7. Finally! Start painting your book. My husband and I experimented with a few colors and really liked how everything turned out. Walmart and Hobby Lobby have great selections of craft paints. I'm a big fan of the metallic paints, and the effect they give when mixed with other colors. 

8. If you want to add 3D letters, wait until the book is completely dry to adhere those. 

9. Add book mark pages,  optional. I used gold wire ribbon in a few ow my books. 

Old phone book! Yep, FINALLY a use for those silly things.  Plastic centipede and snake, wooden popsicle-like stick, red rhinestones.  

Mixing up some paint colors.

Happened to have this wood stain that was a really deep brown. It worked great and when mixed with other paint colors gave a unique twist to the paint when applied since we mixed oil and water based paint. Primarily used this stain, yellow, magenta, red and gold paint in different combinations for the books.

Empty dish detergent box, spray painted black to make it look like a book.  Stain mixed with magenta paint.

Stain, some magenta, gold and tiny yellow/gold highlights. 

Materials used on this book. I was really luck to find 60 year old books at Goodwill!!! 

Added 3D letters and tacks to finalize. This is one of my favorites!

Copper metallic paint, hot glue details and paint. 

NO idea why some of these pictures are showing up tiny! They are all the same size when I'm  writing they post. Please just click the picture until I can get it fixed. Thanks!

My husband painted this! Scrap wood with silver foil (from housing materials). I used the "weathered" method for this using glue as a base coat. (Follow link for details.) 

Candles floating in red water. 

Chalk Board Blocks created using scrap wood, wood stain, chalk board fabric, thumb tacks and spray adhesive. 

Votive candles floating in red water. Makes removing the candle easier, and it looks creepy!

Food Ideas: 

How to cut Brie to make a coffin and 2 moon like shapes. 

Creepy cheese assortment. 

Platter with Spanish moss covered with plastic wrap. I used this to serve deviled eggs on. 


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