Halloween - New DIY Decor Part 1 - 2013

You've probably noticed Halloween is my favorite holiday! I LOVE making things to decorate my house, and our costumes as well. I've been saving cool bottles for the last several months, and anything else that looks like it could turn into something spooky for Halloween. You can also find some pretty amazing things at Goodwill. Here are some pics of a few easy things to make. Remember, a little spray paint, goes a LONG way!!! I did some rummaging through my craft bins and found things I've been saving for years to add to my props! Finally! I will add, I've had a great "master of detail" help me (my husband). He's got an artistic side behind the well chiseled jock and came up with some great ideas.

Before & After's:

 Dollar Tree plastic skulls turned fab!

Simple salt container; hot glued a Dollar Tree skeleton figure to it first, then spray painted. My husband did the coloring on the skeleton (see, I told you). The letters are silver, slightly 3D to match the silver highlights.

Vodka turned potion bottle: I used painters tape to cover the "moon" up before painting and gradually sprayed towards the bottom to get the fade effect of the white, which I liked. Same silver letters as above. The "moon" looks really cool in person, it's hard to capture the glow / multi colors of the white and grey it shows.

An array of creepy bottles in the making. I'm not quite done with these, I don't think, but they are looking good, so far. Pictured below you'll see (left to right, back to front): balsamic vinegar bottle, olive oil bottle, Glen Livet bottle (how cool is the 1824?!), 2 small Patron bottles. I used cheap twine & jute that I found at Lowe's (~ $2 roll),  a moss mix from Dollar Tree and black feathers, some buttons ( all found in the rummage), and obviously a few glue sticks!

Here's where the Patron bottles went from cool to absolutely fascinating! I saw a tip for this on Pinterest using corn syrup and fine glitter. These are so magical to spin around...yes, I'm a kid at heart. 

A few more creepy props...

Glass menagerie for $1.99 at Goodwill, two types of Dollar Tree moss, and a killer Sharpie job on the glow-in-the-dark mice by my husband. (Now, you are starting to believe me.)

Pickel specimen jars using Dollar Tree critters (plus some at home details), and more of the moss.

Hot sauce bottle, same silver letters and highlights by you know who.

99 Cent Goodwill find, old candy hand with gold spray paint...and just realized the thumb bone is roaming around...


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