Texas Flag - DIY

I think this post should really be called, "See, I told you I'd make something cool with that wood." My husband always laughs because I love repurposing and holding onto things. Ok, I admit, I don't always have a project in mind, but I'm in no way a hoarder. So, we had all these extra boards that were removed from small crates after our move. I'd seen dozens of great ideas on Pinterest for reclaimed wood projects, so I couldn't let these go. I was inspired by giant Texas flags everywhere, as well as all the crackle paint tutorials. I followed the simple steps on the tutorials and created a one-of-a-kind distressed Texas flag for our back patio! I was totally in luck as I had 6 boards and when put together were the exact dimensions of the Texas flag! YES! For exact proportions of the flag, follow this guide: Flag Proportions

Reclaimed Wood - Rustic Texas Flag

Step 1: Cover wood in a thick coat of Elmer's Glue. Use foam brush to spread out evenly. 

Step 2: After 30 seconds of glue drying, paint color coat on. Repeat steps 1 &2  on white and red portions.

Effect on blue after about 7 min. Effect took much longer on the colors.

This is the effect of the glue on the white portion, first noticeable after about 3 min., with this effect after about 8.

I let the flag dry overnight, and then painted the star section the next day, using the same glue process. I printed a star template on cardstock, and then traced that onto the flag.  After everything was dry, I hooked the flag together with metal mending plates on the back. These are only 72 Cents at Lowe's! I have 10 holding the back of the flag together. 

The finished project! Overall, I think it turned out pretty good. I will note that I should have put the glue layer on thicker on the red. Less is not more for this project. 

Star and paint detail


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