Wow, I had a glass of vino (ok 2) and I created a blog!

Wow, welcome to me and you to this place called a blog. I didn't know I could create such a thing so easily. Of course, leave it to google to make things super easy!

I am going to start of with a disclaimer that will stand for as long as I blog: 1) Sometimes I don't write in full complete sentences. 2) I like to use dashes --- a lot! 3) I like to type like I talk and think... I think it makes more sense, and is more fun that way. 4) I am not the worlds best speller, but luckily this thing has spell check. Get over it if something is spelled wrong. I'm not Dougie Hauser. 5) I like to say what I'm thinking, get over it if I offend you. I don't accept cry babies. The End. Happy entertainment!!!!


  1. I love it! I use dashes all the time and I am a horrible speller----it must be a Ruzick thing! I also love to exclamation marks!!!! Do you? Ha! I get so many wierd things done after a couple glasses of wine---create a shpping list for the rest of the month! Ha! I also like to use the word HA! And no I have not been drinking, just really tired. I'm done---

  2. Tracy, love it! Yes, Yes, Yes. I do haha quite a bit. At least that Ruzick thing gave us some great tan skin. No complaints there....of to more writing with my wine in hand.


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