Finally, Pinterest in Action!

Project 1: Goodwill Mirror Re-vamp

I've been super inspired the last week trying to get our house looking like a home. So much to do and so many projects filling my brain.  I couldn't take it anymore - it's project time!!! Here are a few before and after pictures. 

This was a $5 Goodwill find, not bad...till I got home and realized just how yuck the bottom of it was.  Pretty sure who ever last painted it, painted it and sat it on a floor covered in dog hair - disgusting!! After a lot of goo gone, sanding, vinegar/water wipe down I finally got to the wood layer at the bottom. The rest of the mirror wasn't too bad at all and just required light sanding. 

Voila! Super excited about this in my sewing room. As you can see it coordinates nicely with my table (Valspar Laguna Green). This is one of the new Pantone Universe Colors, I think Ibis Rose, but I can't find my color chip. It has a more purple cast to it in person. 

Now, there was just one more thing this baby needed - some bling! I've been saving these little suckers for 5 years and finally found the perfect place for them. Thanks Natalie, I told you I'd use them for the right thing! 


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