DIY Gel Nails - Ombré Color

Purple to Coral Ombre Effect 

Just finished my at home Gelish manicure. Totally in love with this new take on painted nails. This was pretty easy to do, too. I had looked up a few "how-to" videos on YouTube to see how people were doing this technique. Although, I never found a perfect one it gave me a great idea how to start. The best tip was to use a triangular makeup sponge. I didn't use it has directed in the video since I was using Gelish. However, I used the makeup sponge to blend the ombre effect across my nails. I've provided a simple how to below. I would also recommend checking out a few YouTube videos, as you might get inspired for a look all your own. Before starting my nails I did a test run on a piece of clear plastic to see how to blend best and how the color effects would play together.

Side tips/ notes: I've been doing my own at home Gelish nails now for almost 2 years, about every 2 weeks, sometimes more consistently than others. I recently got a new UV light which I am totally loving. Also the new light is large enough for toes so I've officially done my first at home Gelish Pedi, too - also in the same ombre colors! WAY worth the upgrade and such a time saver! (See details below on products.) If you currently do your own Gelish nails or are thinking about doing it to save money (vs. going to a salon), I would highly recommend the products below. Don't be discouraged if your first couple manicures don't look perfect, you will soon get the hang of it and know exactly how to do it! I've got so many compliments on my ombre nails, so I thought I'd share the fun - enjoy!

Products I use for at home Gelish Manicure (and Pedicure now, too): All products can be found at Sally Beauty.

1. Gelish Starter Kit: Kit
2. I've already finished the first bottle of "top it off" and tried out another brand which I like a lot better. Fingerpaints Top Coat. This brand seems to dry shinier and a bit glossier (meaning texture wise).
3. UV light of choice: UV Lamp. Note this is my second light & I decided to FINALLY splurge on it after selling some stuff on Craigslist. SO happy with it. For your reference, I had been using this lightGelish Mini Light for the last year and a half (using the AC adapter option). It works good, but not great. The new lamp is DRAMATICALLY faster and easier. If you are serious about investing in the kit and adamantly doing your mani's and pedi's at home I would go for the better light. The worst thing about the Gelish light is you have to do 4 fingers at a time, then thumbs. I never once tried the pedi, as the whole process already took 1 full hour. The new light saves time, I can do a whole mani (with 1 color) in about 15-20 min max!

Process for Nails / Ombre Effect:
1. For complete directions on Gelish manicures, visit their website, here: Directions
2. For the ombre effect, do your manicure as listed in the directions through coat 1 of color.
3. Pick 2 colors you'd like to blend. The lighter of the two should be your first coat, the other, the second.
4. Apply the first coat and cure in lamp.
5. Apply the second "half coat" from the tips of the nail to about 3/4 down your nail. Cure.
6. Apply one coat of your second color from the base of your nail (from cuticle) up to half way  to 3/4 or so up your nail. This will probably vary slightly by person depending on desired look and length of nails. Paint 1 nail at a time have the best ombre turnout.
7. After the dark coat has been applied (NOT CURED YET) take a triangular makeup sponge and begin blotting and evening out the effect. I would recommend the "less is more" approach here, as you can blot a tiny, tiny bit and see the effects. Use 1 corner of the sponge to kind of cary the dark up, and the other corner to take the dark off from the top. That process might sound a bit confusing, but if you do a trial I think it will make more sense. Ex: Corner 1 moves purple up into the coral, corner 2 takes too much purple off the tip and shows more coral. The colors should be blended throughout the middle of the nail.
8. Don't worry about perfection! Each nail will be just slightly different and unique. Don't over do it, just let it be. The clear coat helps them look more "finished."
9. Repeat the ombre on all nails. Cure when complete with each hand.
10. Apply clear coat. Cure. Repeat.
11. Follow remaining Gelish instructions and you'll be done in a flash!

Hope this tutorial helps! Enjoy the creativity of the effect. Please feel free to post comments if this helps and or share pics of successful turnouts.



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