YEA! A Kitchen & Carpet!!

It's only been two weeks since the last time we checked out the house progress, and man they sure are making progress! Can't wait to get in and put that kitchen to good use. 
Corner of living room looking into kitchen

Butler's Pantry, family room through the doorway

Front den

Kitchen cabinets and black granite

Pull out spice drawer to the left of where the stove will be

Super cool 'Lazy Susan' type of cabinet in the corner

Large corner cabinet

Kitchen pantry, interior cabinets flip a full 180 degrees

View from fireplace into kitchen. Island still in progress

Front entryway looking upstairs and into dining room

Excited Brad! Front hallway looking into family room / kitchen. Stairs on left go downstairs. Bathroom on right.

First floor bathroom.

Brad in the finished side of our basement!

Basement looking out into the woods

Basement view from the windows looking towards the stairs.

Just outside the basement door, under the deck

Master bathroom and shower -- so far

Master bedroom looking into bathroom

Hallway view from Master bedroom door. Laundry room to the right, guest bath to the left.

View of family room/ kitchen and hallway from back door.


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