Skinny & Delicious Margaritas

Guilt Free Margarita

Margaritas sure are good from time to time, but who wants all those calories? We were set to enjoy our awesome imported spread from the Texas Tamale Company, but wanted our calories in wholesome food goodness and not sugary margaritas. After looking at the humorous serving size of Skinny Girl Margaritas (1. 5 oz, yes that is correct there is a point between the one and five!), we knew a better version could be mastered at the Ford house! Round one went fairly well, and with a few small adjustments a grand, low calorie, FULL glass has nearly 100 calories less than Skinny Girl Margaritas, and between 300 & 400 less than your traditional margaritas!!!

Note, the above picture was the "test run" batch which wasn't as thick. I might add a dash of food coloring next time to make it look more margaritaesque!

- Tequila of choice, chilled
- Triple Sec, chilled
- Ice
- Lime flavored sparkling water, chilled
- Splenda
- Honey
- Salt (optional)
- Fresh lime

Prepare by placing liquor in the freezer for at least 3 hours or longer, this will keep the margaritas from being watered down by the ice. Refrigerate sparkling water a few hours before preparation. Continue to chill until ready to prepare margaritas.

Fill blender half way with ice. Add 3 shots tequila and 3 shots triple sec. Blend on low for about 1 min. Meanwhile drip 1 - 2 T honey into blender through top opening, dripping as slow as possible to avoid clumping from the cold. Add 2 T Splenda, blend slightly longer. Do not blend again. Then add 1 cup sparkling water and stir by hand to avoid loss of carbonation. Check flavor, add more Splenda if desired. Serve in chilled glasses. Optional salt can be added to the rim of the glass and garnished with a fresh lime.

Enjoy your low calorie margarita!!


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