Washington DC Trip

We made a full weekend out of getting our new Kitten, by taking a trip to Washington, DC, and then picking him up on the way out of town! We sure enjoyed all the history of the town! Two nights on the town, great food and we even got a front row seat to watch the KU game on TV!
We will definitely need to take another trip back to see more. We did the first "quick" tour: First things first- Dinner. We ate at the classic Old Ebbitt Grill, and had 18 amazing oysters among some other great seafood. Saturday it was off to the Smithsonian American History Museum, walked the mall to see the Washington Monument and all the cool sights, headed to the back of the White House, then off for a quick afternoon pick-me-up Blue Moon. Then, off the more exciting side of the White House - the front! Last sight seeing stop - The Lincoln Memorial. What a sight to see!! After our long tourist day we were off to happy hour. Finally, a late dinner at the bar at Ocean Aire. Choice seating so we could watch the KU game, of course! We had an awesome mix of clam chowder, raw oysters, escargot & lots of great wine!!!
Lastly, a quick stop into the Lincoln Waffle House in the morning before we headed out to get our kitten!!!!


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