Rhinestone Monogram LOVE!

So, I've literally wanted to make something like this nearly my entire life! I was inspired by a 60's vintage jewelry Christmas tree artwork that my great aunt had hanging in her house. I remember seeing it there for the first time when I was 3, and later on at other relatives homes over the years. I always LOVED it and knew one day, I would have something like it, and maybe even better.  The day finally came, all my waiting, saving, brainstorming and ideas came together like "the perfect storm"! Here it is!!!

This "F" seriously makes me happy, just looking at it, and seeing in one instant so much. So many people, memories, and moments are all captured on this piece. I've saved so much jewelry over the years and finally rationalized with myself, and said, "this IS what I've been saving it for."

Now, let me tell you a little bit about why the details are so great.... About half of the jewelry on here has a special memory behind it. I've listed so many of those special pieces below.

One of my best friends, saved a good portion of these jewels for me from recycled shoes (more or less--- from a company she worked for at the time.) Clearly, she knows me so well, and I can't thank her enough for 1) the gift and 2) for being patient when I told her I was saving them for the perfect project. Another huge thank you goes to my husband for drawing and cutting out my "F". All in all, it's 26'' tall. A Jig Saw is way more amazing than I could imagine.

Lower Right, Wire/Crystal Flower - from my cousin Tracy's wedding necklaces. Bow in center is from a vintage dress I found in Kansas City.

Center - flower brooch from my friend Megan's bridesmaid dresses. Bottom - Gold button from an old dress of my grandmas.

Left to Right: Extra design element from senior collection in college, earring from my cousin Jennifer's wedding, top right edge, earring of my sisters. 

Center/Left: Brooch from one of my favorite pairs of shoes that I wore to my first job all the time. Top - Earring from Jennifer's wedding, and one of the earrings from my cousin Stephanie's wedding. 

Center Left: Rhinestone banding left from my senior collection in college, bottom right, another component from my collection, bottom left - heart from a co-worker friend.

Top Center - Necklace my mom wore in my cousin Melissa's wedding, Right - the other shoe brooch, Left - earrings from Dallas Market trip Jan 2015. Top - one of many components from my friend, Natalie R. 

Top "S" pendant from my mom. 

Left - Triangle earring that was my grandmas from the 60's. I've always loved this, and unfortunately, only 1 was to be found. Above that, a flower brooch that was my grandmas, as well.

Center - Earrings from Stephanie's wedding, earring piece from my sister, and an old pair of chandelier earrings of mine. 

Flower from my cousin Tracy's wedding. 

Center - Earring from my boss and great friend, Natalie H. 

Outside banding - all were at one time straps on a prom dress I made for my sister...long story there.

Full View! 


  1. What a completely AMAZING work of art! Thank you so very much for leaving such a kind comment on my Hollywood Regency post. It allowed me to find you and this this. Brilliant. You must share it on Thoughts of Home on Thursday which is a linky party I host with 3 other ladies on Thursdays. This needs to be seen!


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