Beef Enchilada Stew (It's healthy & delicious!)

Enchilada Stew

This recipe, as listed makes a pretty large batch, which I wanted, so we had plenty for leftovers and to share with a friend. You could very easily half the recipe or freeze it for the future.

2 lb lean, organic, grass fed ground beef
2 cans beans (I used 1 can pinto, 1 can kidney b/c it was what I had on hand)
3 cans organic diced tomatoes
3 cans organic tomato sauce
1 can organic tomato paste
4 cups organic beef broth
1 cup quinoa (dried)
1 small red onion, diced *
1 small bell pepper, diced *
1 head garlic, or garlic powder & fresh garlic *
1 zucchini quartered and sliced
1 small can green chilies
1 cup frozen, diced poblano peppers (fresh, of course ok)
5 T chili powder
4 T cumin
6 T garlic powder (omit half or all if using fresh garlic)
4 T onion powder (add more fresh onion if desired)
3 T oregano
2 T salt
1 T pepper
1 t paprika

* Ingredients in italics are the basis for my enchilada sauce. I've tripled it here, since the batch is really big.

In a large stock pot, brown meat, garlic and bell pepper. Add all canned tomatoes and sauce, as well as beef broth, beans, green chilies, pablanos and seasoning. Bring to a boil, then add dried quinoa, and continue on a low boil until quinoa is cooked (check occasionally on spoon). Taste for flavor and season accordingly, if needed. Near the completion of the stew, add sliced zucchini and cook a few minutes longer until slightly tender.

The poblano and green chili's do not add a ton of heat, but do add great flavor, both are pretty mild peppers and are significantly less hot than jalapenos.

Serve and top with fresh, chopped cilantro, cheese, sliced avocado & sour cream, if desired.  It's really healthy until this last part. The sour cream and cheese can easily be left off, and it will still be amazing.

I think this recipe could be easily made in a crock pot, as well. I am planning on testing it out next time. My guess is about 6-8 hours on low, similar to chili. If you do put it in a crock pot, just stir well so all flavors are even.

Please let me know if you like it!!!


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