Perfect Seared Scallops

Seared Scallops

Searing scallops perfectly is quite the challenge, until you master it, that is! These were the best seared scallops I've ever made, so I wanted to share the success. I will follow this method forever more! My husband and I have certainly tried searing scallops dozens of times, but they have never turned out this good. I finally decided to go about it slightly differently, and making sure everything was just right. I guarantee if you follow these steps your scallops will turn out beautifully, as well.

Lightly rinse scallops and then place on a kitchen towel and paper towels, cover with paper towels. I found the two layer towels did the trick to soak up all the excess water from the scallops. Let scallops dry for 5-10 min. Once dry, salt and pepper the scallops.

2 T Butter
2 T Olive Oil
Sea Scallops
Salt & Pepper

You will need to use a skillet suitable for searing. Add butter and olive oil and heat on high. To sear the scallops properly, the oil and butter must be very hot, and you should actually see the tiniest, tiniest amount of smoke. Your pan is now ready. Add scallops one at a time, and place flat side down on the skillet. The scallops will begin to sizzle and cook immediately. Cook approximately 90 seconds before flipping. When searing, the food will "release" itself when ready to flip. Your scallops should do this around 90 seconds. If you try to flip too early the scallops will feel stuck, that is ok. Wait slightly longer until the scallop releases, and then flip. Keep an eye on the heat, if it begins to get too hot, just adjust accordingly. Also, keep in mind if using an electric stove the response time to cool is longer than if using gas. I have a gas stove, so the heat can be controlled quicker.

Enjoy your amazing seared scallops!


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