Welcome to Pittsburgh!

Well, here we are! One full week into the next chapter of our lives. Brad and I have been pretty busy this last week getting accustomed to the Pittsburgh area, and enjoying each other's company before Brad is off to work. Here is a little bit about what we have been up to, and pictures to share:

We arrived on October 7th, and made the "almost famous" stop at Primanti Bros in the Strip District in downtown Pittsburgh. We experienced the restaurant that has been on Food Network, and that so many people talk about. I must say, it was quite interesting! Every sandwich come with coleslaw and French Fries IN BETWEEN the bread and meat! Right, like I said, interesting!

Next we were off to the North suburbs to find the area that would soon become our new "bubble", Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania. We are currently staying in a nice townhouse that has a great view of the West hills at the edge of town! We sure caught the trees at just the right time. Over the weekend we were busy settling in to our new place (pictures to come soon). Out on the town to try out some new restaurants; Mad Mex where we had our first taste of Yuengling Beer & a pumpkin margarita on Friday, and Ichiban Sushi on Saturday. We really loved both of these new places (how can you go wrong with sushi, right?!). Sunday we stumbled upon My Big Fat Greek Gyro! Brad was happy as a clam in mud, drooling at the meat spit. Famous quote during lunch from Brad, "I remember the first time I saw one of those. It's better than a pinata, better than a crystal ball!...I need a new word for 'meat drunk', maybe 'mrunk'." Wow, let me tell you, that was funny!

The ONE thing I WASN'T going to miss about Kansas, didn't change as I hoped it would. Nope, you can't buy wine in grocery stores ; ( booo! Here you have "state stores" which is where you can buy wine and hard liquor, but no beer. Beer is sold separately at a beer distribution store. The plus of this joint is that it's a drive thru also! But if you are wanting less than 24 beers its lookin' a little TS.

Sunday we wandered into the farmland hills to visit the pumpkin patch! Always fun on a beautiful fall day. Also, finally made it to Costco and the "Shop and Save" grocery store. Brad was beyond thrilled to buy a ton of meat to put into our new deep freezer. Clearly you can tell this from the pictures!!!!!

We also began looking at houses with our realtor. After galavanting the area yesterday morning for quite a bit, we completely validated our decision to build a new house! We found a great new "community" as a neighborhood is called here, I guess! It's a great mix of townhouses at the front, close "city houses" in the middle, and then normal single family homes at the back of the neighborhood. The area backs up to a great park with walking trails, sports fields in one corner and a nice play field area. We are closing in on the perfect house, decked out with all the bells and whistles we need, and of course, PERFECT FOR VISITORS and entertaining!!!!!!!!!!! We can't wait to customize our new home!

We will keep you all posted with our progress! Miss everyone in Kansas City a ton, but we will be back in just one week! Lots of love!


  1. Loving the update! I can't believe you're in Pittsburgh now! The food sounds wonderful! I hate the crazy liquor & alcohol rules in other states. Can't we all just relax and let people buy their drinks anywhere?! Sheesh!


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